Patient Portal
Accessing My Health Information Online

Convenient, online access -- whenever and wherever you need it

Take control of your health by accessing your health information online. As a patient of Abbeville General, you are able to conveniently and securely access your health information -- whenever and wherever you need it -- free of charge.

Creating a Patient Portal Account is Easy

Step 1: Receive an invitation email or text from Abbeville General (be sure to ask your caregiver about an invitation!)

Step 2: Click on the link provided, click on the "Create an Account" tab, and enter your PIN and last name to identify yourself.

Step 3: Provide your current email address, password and secret question-answers -- then click "Register."

Once you've finished registering, you'll receive a verification email. Click the link in that email to complete the registration process.

Viewing your Health Information is Even Easier

Step 4: Login to your Intelichart account at Click on My Health Record, then Documents.

Step 5
: Under Clinical Documents, click on the most recent EHR_Export. This is your health record.

Congratulations! You can now view, download or send your important electronic health information -- whenever and wherever you need it.

Is the Patient Portal secure?

The Patient Portal is very secure—your information is protected with the same high level of security that all healthcare organizations are required to follow.

  • Information you access within your Patient Portal is protected with secure SSL encryption—the same security protocol that banks use to protect your financial information.
  • Your Patient Portal account is password protected and linked to your verified email address.
  • As with any online account you manage, you will want to keep your login credentials safe by 1.) not sharing your username and password with others, 2.) creating a "strong” password, or one that is hard to guess, and 3.) logging out of your account when you’re done accessing your Patient Portal account.




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